Let’s get you that dream job abroad! Top tips for Graduates!

18 August 2023


Let’s get you that dream job abroad! Top tips for Graduates!


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If you’ve ever thought about working abroad, maybe it’s time to start a new adventure. While working abroad takes time, preparation and research – luckily, we’ve done some of the work for you.

Update Your CV and LinkedIn Profile: Create a professional and well-structured CV (resume) that highlights your education, relevant skills, internships, projects, and any part-time work. Also, maintain an up-to-date LinkedIn profile that showcases your academic and extracurricular achievements.

Network: Networking is crucial in the job search process. Attend career fairs, industry events, and workshops to meet professionals in your field. You can also connect with alumni from your university who are working in the UK for advice and potential opportunities.

Many UK companies offer graduate schemes, which are structured training programs designed for recent graduates. These schemes often provide training, mentorship, and a pathway to a full-time role.

Internships and Volunteering: Consider taking up internships or volunteer positions related to your field. While these might not be full-time jobs, they can provide valuable experience and connections.

Show Adaptability: Be open to different job roles or locations, especially if you're looking to gain experience quickly. Flexibility can increase your chances of finding employment.

Continuous Learning: Keep improving your skills and knowledge, even after graduation. Consider online courses or certifications to enhance your qualifications.

StudyNet Group guides you on your way to a successful career, especially in choosing the right study program and university.

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