New partnership - Calverton School

12 May 2021


New partnership - Calverton School


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Calverton School is one of the American schools that StudyNet Group company has launched new corporation.

This old school was founded in 1967 on the basis of 4 classrooms and 85 students. Over the years the school has developed and improved, and has managed to live up to its name.

Calverton school, making his name known around the world over time, now prides itself on providing higher education to international students from a variety of countries and ethnicities.

With a constant focus on its students, the school does not only provide high quality of education, but also organizes extra-curricular activities such as a traditional school week, an autumn festival, school trips, alumni meetings, and also special programs that develop intellectual research skills.

The school offers programs in three areas such as Lower School, Middle School and Higher School Education along with International Baccalaureate programs.

A specially designed International Baccalaureate program facilitates the process of admitting students to their final year of study and allows them to enter American universities.

The Calverton School, which aims to educate students as responsible citizen in a global society, also offers scholarship opportunities.

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