StudyNet Group Forms New Partnership with Woolf Colleges

22 October 2022


StudyNet Group Forms New Partnership with Woolf Colleges


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We are excited to announce that StudyNet Group forms a new partnership with Woolf Colleges that will prepare ambitious students from around the world for potential progression onto Woolf's degree programs.

Woolf is a collegiate higher education institution that became the first global collegiate university that allows qualified education organizations to join as member colleges and offer accredited degrees.

If you are going to ask "What is a  collegiate university?", here are the answers:

  • Collegiate University is a higher education institution – like Oxford or the University of California.
  • Here all students enroll directly in a college. Constituent colleges are full-member colleges of Woolf.
  • And Finally, you do not need to worry your accredited degree will have global recognition. The college and Woolf are both named on the degree.

Woolf’s collegiate organization strengthens the institution through diversity, competition, and loyalty. Colleges bear responsibility for the support of their members, including both faculty and students.

Woolf is modeled after the University of California or the University of London, which have member colleges that manage their own students and faculty but subscribe to the shared standards of the university.

Besides all of these, in all fields, Woolf seeks to instill values of curiosity, intellectual discipline, and clarity of expression. Woolf prioritizes research-driven teaching that uses the latest academic scholarship, and Woolf encourages its faculty members to engage in groundbreaking research.

StudyNet Group team is always ready to answer your entire question about studying in the EU, UK, or the US and show full support to the students with application procedures, obtaining a student visa, booking accommodation, and all other related processes.

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